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If you have technical questions, try the Knowledge Base.

Regular router vs. VPN router, what is the difference?

Regular routers connect network devices to a local internet connection. Some regular routers advertise VPN compatibility. This claim means that it will allow VPN traffic through the router if a VPN client is running on a computer or tablet. This is perfect for using VPN on one device that has a VPN client.

Often, customers want to connect a device to VPN that does not support VPN or have a native VPN client. Common examples include Smart TV, Apple TV, or Xbox. Sometimes this is referred to as "clientless VPN." A VPN Router runs the VPN subscription directly on the router, broadcasting the VPN tunnel to the entire network. This allows users to share VPN with any device, whether it is VPN compatible or not.

A VPN router also means you can run multiple network devices on the VPN simultaneously. You can have a laptop in the kitchen streaming Pandora over VPN while your child is playing Xbox Live over VPN in the living room - all on a single VPN account.

Do I need to purchase one router for VPN and one for my local internet?

There is no need to run both a local and VPN router when you use Sabai OS. Gateways, a unique feature to Sabai OS, allows complete control over which devices are on VPN and which are on local internet - all within a single router. Changing a device from local to VPN is a snap with our easy to use interface!

What is the difference between a Sabai OS Router and flashed routers featuring dd-wrt or Tomato?

Sabai OS, which comes pre-installed on all of our routers, has features not available on any other VPN client router operating system. Gateways, port forwarding and easy OpenVPN setup are specific to Sabai. The Sabai OS also has many settings already configured for VPN clients. A customer using dd-wrt or Tomato would have to figure out for themselves.

Another huge difference between Sabai Technology and our competitors is the technical and customer support peace of mind that comes with a Sabai purchase. A 90 day satisfaction guarantee and three months of Sabai Freedom, our one-on-one technical support, come standard with every purchase. If you still need support after that time, you can always email or chat with us, or purchase Sabai Freedom for another year of the same phone and remote-in service that comes with your initial purchase. If you have any further questions, try watching one of our videos, reading our blog series on our OS or contacting our sales team.

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Will Sabai VPN Routers work in my location/country/area/situation?

Simply put, Sabai VPN Routers will work anywhere in the world. Sabai routers come with a standard American style plug, but are dual voltage. Purchase a simple power plug adapter on the website, if you need a European or Latin American style plug. If you are curious to see if anyone else in your area is using a Sabai Router, check out our customer map!

VPN Routers by Sabai support wireless B, G, B/G Mixed and N devices and are available in 2.4 GHz , 5 GHz and dual band, effectively guaranteeing that they will work with any network device. You can read our Ultimate Router Comparison Guide to figure out which VPN Router is right for your living situation.

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How tech savvy do I need to be to use a Sabai VPN Router?

Sabai Technology has customers from all walks of life, all over the world and at a huge range of ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Unlike routers flashed with dd-wrt or Tomato, there is no programming knowledge necessary to use a Sabai Router. If you have ever set up a router on your home network before, the process is very similar. Most customers can set up a Sabai VPN Router in about 5 minutes and very thorough instructions are included with every order. If you do get stuck, you can always connect to our technical support staff and we will walk you through the process!

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I already have a router, can't you just put your operating system on it?

Sabai Technology is all about ease of use and doing the hard stuff for you! That is the number one reason why we don't like to remotely flash routers - it is harder for the customer and is risky. The Sabai operating system works with a limited amount of routers, with very specific technical specs. There is also the risk of "bricking" (permanently breaking) a router, even with our technical support walking them through the process. Even we do it occasionally!

We hope that you will join the thousands of satisfied customers that are already enjoying the best VPN Router solution in the world! If you live in a place that is particularly difficult to ship electronics to, please contact our customer support and we will talk through available options.

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I can't find my VPN Router Setup Instructions.

You can download a new set of instructions. Depending on which version of the firmware you have, the registration may be slightly different.

Are Sabai VPN Routers new or refurbished?

Some models do arrive at our facility as a manufacturer refurbish. However, all routers undergo complete testing and refurbishing before they are sent to the customer, as part of the process of making them a Sabai Technology VPN Router. Sabai Technology is confident in the quality and reliability of all routers shipped.

I can't find my VPN Accelerator Setup Instructions.

You can download a new set of instructions.

How can I tell if the VPN Accelerator is going to work for me?

The VPN Accelerator is designed to work for customers who have a relatively high local speed and whose ISP does very little to throttle external connections. The best test for what kinds of speeds you will receive on the VPN Accelerator is to run your VPN service directly from your computer and perform a speed test. If you would like, there are additional speed tests that can also be run to indicate if you are a good candidate for the VPN Accelerator.

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Which VPN providers do Sabai VPN Routers support?

Sabai VPN Routers work with any PPTP connection.

If you prefer or need an OpenVPN connection, Sabai Technology VPN Routers are compatible with the following VPN providers:

My Expat Network US/UK
Get Your TV Abroad
Private Internet Access
TrilightZone Privacy Solutions
12 VPN
My Private Network

Sabai VPN Routers DO NOT work with IPVanish, Hide My IP, Anonymizer, Unblock-US, and HotSpot Shield. If your VPN provider isn't on the list, we would be happy to test your OpenVPN connection before you buy and please tell your VPN provider that you would like them to support Sabai VPN Routers!

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Do Sabai VPN Routers include VPN service?

No, Sabai Routers are meant to work with an existing VPN service agreement with a third party provider, such as those listed above.

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Does Sabai have a VPN client they recommend?

Sabai Technology has a wonderful working relationship with a variety of VPN providers. We suggest you look for a company that has multiple servers in the country you wish to connect to and servers that will allow you to get as geographically close to you as possible, while staying in the country you desire. (For example, if you live in Australia, you don’t want to have to connect to New York. San Francisco or Los Angeles would be better choice.) It is also important to know that the VPN company you choose will be able to support the configuration type required for your part of the world. Check out our blog post about how to choose OpenVPN vs. PPTP.

If you wish to utilize a Sabai Router with your service, we suggest you connect with customer support before you buy to make sure that their service will work with a VPN Router by Sabai.

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Do my shipping costs include customs fees and import permits?

Because customs fees vary widely by country, Sabai Technology can not pre-pay customs fees and they will be due upon arrival, at the discretion of your country of residence. Similarly, import permits and any other fees imposed by the customers country of residence will be the sole responsibility of the customer. The shipping fees paid at checkout are for shipping and handling only. We have worked very hard to ensure you have the lowest possible shipping rate for your area.

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Does Sabai ship routers to my country?

Sabai ships worldwide via FedEx. To date, we have shipped to over 100 countries. We can not and will not ship to countries that are prohibited from trade by United States government law.

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Won't they stop a VPN router from coming into my country?

Generally, this is not an issue. However, we do take some precautions to protect our customers. The only place VPN is mentioned is in the product description on the invoice on the inside of the box. If you would prefer to not have this invoice included in your box, please just ask us to leave it out in your order notes at checkout. We will be happy to comply with this request.

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How can I change my shipping information after my order has shipped?

Domestic orders shipped via FedEx can use FedEx Delivery Manager to request a new delivery location or time, hold your package at a FedEx location, sign for your package in advance, provide specific delivery instructions or request a vacation hold.

USPS shipments (APO, FPO, and DPO) and International shipments have limited availability to change shipment information once the item has shipped. Please contact Sabai Customer Care as soon as possible to see if shipping changes can be made.

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What does Sabai mean?

Sabai is a Thai word meaning peace, tranquility and a sense of well-being. Founder William Haynes first learned this word while a missionary in Thailand. It was this adventure in Thailand that first started William tinkering with VPN Routers.

If you have technical questions, try the Knowledge Base.