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Netgear WNR3500L powered by Sabai OS

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    Netgear WNR3500L Specs & Features

    Ideal for medium sized networks with a few users, this router is a lot of bang for the buck. Capable of streaming HD, the NETGEAR WNR3500L featuring Sabai OS allows you to:

    • Easily assign, connect, and manage almost any VPN provider account and local internet to any of your office or home network devices.
    • Enjoy streaming HD movies and games using your VPN re-assigned IP address*.
    • Protect your network and access the content you want with this Sabai Netgear 3500 VPN Router.

    What makes a Sabai Router better?

    Great Hardware

    Great Operating System

    • 4 Gigabit LAN & 1 Gigabit WAN for fast, reliable performance

    • Up to 300 Mbps wireless

    • Built in USB port

    • Good Wireless Range

    • 128 MB RAM

    • 2.4 GHz Wireless

    • Ideal for medium size networks, fast downloading, internet gaming and VOIP

    • Modified to run Sabai OS

    • Supports OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols

    • No-Flash, Simple 5-minute setup

    • Connects non-VPN compliant devices to VPN tunnel

    • The GATEWAYS feature allows device by device assignment of local internet and VPN access

    • Supports Mac, Windows, Linux

    • Advanced networking options made easy, such as network accessible storage & network printing

    • Easily connect VPN to Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Tablets, and more

    • Automatically connect your devices to your VPN IP address

    Includes: Router with Sabai OS pre-installed, dual voltage American style power adapter, Ethernet cable, setup instructions, 1 year of Sabai Freedom Technical Support and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!

    This product is dual voltage but comes with a standard American style plug. A simple power plug adapter can be purchased to accommodate other outlet types.

    VPN Router Setup

    At Sabai Technology, we are committed to customer service. The Sabai VPN Router setup is created with beginners in mind and Technical Support is available for customers who need assistance. Plug and play style, Sabai OS is particularly easy when compared with DIY options such as DD-WRT.


    Sabai Technology's most unique and popular advanced networking feature is Gateways. This feature provides a list of all the devices on your network, and allows you to designate whether they should use your local IP address, your VPN IP address, and/or your VPN Accelerator IP address. (What is the VPN Accelerator?) All of this control from one single router connection can only come from Sabai.

    Multiple wireless networks in one home can slow down both connections, due to interference. Everyone knows that when it comes to VPN, speed is crucial - especially if the main goal of your VPN account is entertainment! Gateways means that your laptop can be on local internet and your Smart TV on VPN to the UK or US, every time you boot up. No interference. No switching networks.

    Optimized For You

    How is this router different from the same model on other websites?

    Even though Sabai Technology routers look the same as these models purchased elsewhere, Sabai has installed our special operating system, designed to run a VPN account. Sabai Technology has developed a firmware that works seamlessly with OpenVPN and PPTP, the most popular VPN protocols.

    Typically, VPN only works on a single VPN enabled device. A "normal" or "off the shelf" router isn't VPN enabled, even if it says it allows VPN pass-thru. This 'pass-thru' feature only means that if you are running VPN on your computer but are connected to the internet via wireless, it will still work. It is only when you use your VPN account on a Sabai VPN Router that you can actually broadcast your VPN IP address to your entire home network.

    What makes Sabai OS better than DD-WRT?

    Sabai OS is built with consumer VPN customers in mind. While powerful enough for advanced users, Sabai OS is also easy enough for the everyday user. Sabai has already done much of the optimization for speed and efficiency, making your VPN Router practically plug and play. Sabai was created from Tomato, an open-source router operating system that does much more than VPN. While Sabai has heavily modified this original program, we have also preserved much of the advanced functionality, giving you tons of advanced networking options.

    Compared to DD-WRT, Sabai OS is simple and powerful. While you may be able to create a similar setup with DD-WRT, it would be extremely difficult and require hours of effort to accomplish what a Sabai OS VPN Router can do out of the box.

    Finally, Sabai Technology has technical support, while our competitors do not. Our customers rave about our technical support, which is included for 1 year as part of your purchase price. Renewable anytime, a year of Sabai Freedom Technical Support is only $99. Because setup is so easy, many customers never need the help. If you do require support, the Sabai Technical Support department is available 8-5 Monday-Friday.

    Actual data throughput, VPN speeds and wireless coverage will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including ISP, VPN Provider, specific connection type, location, building materials and construction, network overhead, and other factors, may lower actual data throughput rate, VPN speeds and wireless coverage. 

    CPU Broadcom BCM4718A, 480 MHz
    Flash ROM 128 MB NAND
    RAM 64 MB
    Radios 2.4 GHz
    WLAN Max Speed 300mbps
    Antenna Location Internal
    USB 1x USB 2.0
    Operating System:
    Sabai OS
    Wireless Type:
    128 MB
    USB Ports:
    Flash Storage:
    128 MB
    Wifi Speed:

    Write your own product review

    1. My review of the product and service  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 14th 2017

      Very pleased with the product and the customer service was fantastic. Thank you very much. Installation was very simple too.

    2. stress free VPN router and outstanding service  star rating

      Posted by David Yaung on Feb 16th 2017

      The router came is pre-installand package a box like never opened before. The shipment was so quick and just plug and play.

    3. Easy to set up with ibVPN  star rating

      Posted by Adrian on Jun 22nd 2016

      Very strong wifi signal.
      Can be set up in 2 mins with VPN.

    4. Sabai is fantastic  star rating

      Posted by John on Jan 7th 2016

      Recently purchased a Netgear WNR3500L with pre configuration. It really is plug and play. My only problem was believing it was this easy. My new Sabai router is faster than my Charter router that actually had a faster rating. Customer support is amazing as I have asked many questions before purchasing and some after. The customer support was fast, accurate and very friendly. Since technology is not a strong point with me, I really appreciate Sabai's friendly and understanding support. This is by far the best support system I have come across on the internet.

    5. Ready for VPN in 5 min  star rating

      Posted by Liviu Adrian Giurgea on Jun 1st 2015

      I bought this router to have it working with ibVPN service. Got it working in less than 5 min.
      Router can be used for a lot of purposes .
      Well done menu.

    6. Sabai WOW!  star rating

      Posted by Paul - Barcelona, Spain on Mar 4th 2015

      I have been using a VPN service for a few years now and over time it became clear that the use of a VPN router would preferable. And there was Sabai.......... what a great product, plugged in the enclosed UPT cable into my existing DSL wireless modem and the rest was history. Within minutes watching movies from my favorite video provider on 4 TV's throughout my house. What can I say....I so missed out all those years. Just whish I had known of Sabai before.
      Anyhow this is the company you want to buy your very next VPN router from. I received the router after ordering it within a whopping 3 days at my residence in Spain. Sabai........5+ starts for me! Keep on doing the great job you do!

    7. Very Good Router - Excellent Firmware - Even Better Support  star rating

      Posted by David Becker on Jan 22nd 2015

      This router is perfect for my application. The Sabai firmware made it easy to configure Private Internet Access VPN. I really like the way different clients can be directed to local or VPN service.
      The support is quick friendly and professional.


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