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10/10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs-up, big smiles

Product: Sabai Freedom Support
Posted By: Josh S.
Sabai technology has one of the most outstanding customer services I have ever experienced. They are extremely responsive and accommodating. They have a real person pick up the phone and assist you, which is hard to come by these days. Rhett O. not only helped me figure out their product, but he went above and beyond by also helping me set up my OpenVPN for the router; spending about an hour (if not longer) on the phone going through everything step-by-step. And, as far as I know, they accomplish all of this with only two IT reps. Considering that customer service now in days is a 'dying breed', Sabai has revived my faith in a company actually caring about their customers.


excellent OS, powerful router 

Product: Asus RT-N66U powered by Sabai OS 
Posted By: Jon Duncan
I am highly impressed with this OS. It works very well. I am glad I happened across it. I wanted a router with punch. This one does. With Sabai OS included, it also does everything I need, most things with just the click of the mouse. Frankly, the gateway function which turns a very difficult coding issue into a breeze makes the entire thing a no-brainer in terms of cost. It has saved me hours. 


Fantastic OS, Great Support 

Product: SabaiOS License 
Posted By: Ross

I work in IT Customer Service, so I have pretty high expectations when it comes to support. Thankfully I found Sabai Technology to have the highest quality of support and delightful staff who are eager to help. 

This was not the first time I've installed firmware to a router - but I wish my first experience had been this easy. It was very straight forward - they provided the exact files to download so I didn't have to worry about getting that wrong. Then they provided specific step-by-step instruction on the installation which was problem-free and very easy. 

Post-install I was able to get setup and running quickly - even OpenVPN setup was easier than I've had with DD-WRT before. 

I ran into trouble - my own fault I should add - when trying to use the 'Gateways' feature. I could get all devices on my VPN, but for some reason couldn't get my PC off of it to use the Local IP. I contacted their support team and they remoted in to take a look. Everything looked good to their tech, so he booked me in for an appointment (free of charge) with a more experienced Tech. The booking system was fantastic given that I'm international and their opening hours were 11pm for me! The appointment itself was very fast and on time. The matter was resolved in <5 minutes and everything is as it should be. 
I cannot recommend Sabai more highly - I have already sent several friends their way and will continue to buy from them in the future. 


All I can say is "WOW! Really well done with this router!" 

Product: Asus RT-N66U powered by Sabai OS 
Posted By: Kris Bailey

I purchased this router and received it in a short amount of time. When I opened the box I was presented with a card as to who tested the router "Ken" and when it was tested and verified "3-9-15" and that it had the latest firmware "6.0". As a IT Networking guy I really appreciate it when a company does gives you that information. There is so many that don't! 

When I turned on the router and logged in to it I didn't know what to expect since it is a custom built IOS. Wow! The interface and controls were so simplistic! Put it this way, even if you have never setup a router before this by far was the easiest router to configure and understand. 

Also, If you are a router and switching guy like me and would like to have complete control to configure the router through controlling QOS, monitor and log Web usage per device, full diagnostics capability and other advanced configurations these guys thought of everything! 

I would highly recommend this router! Great job Sabai Technology! 


Sabai WOW! 

Product: Netgear WNR3500L powered by Sabai OS 
Posted By: Paul - Barcelona, Spain

I have been using a VPN service for a few years now and over time it became clear that the use of a VPN router would preferable. And there was Sabai.......... what a great product, plugged in the enclosed UPT cable into my existing DSL wireless modem and the rest was history. Within minutes watching movies from my favorite video provider on 4 TV's throughout my house. What can I say....I so missed out all those years. Just whish I had known of Sabai before. 
Anyhow this is the company you want to buy your very next VPN router from. I received the router after ordering it within a whopping 3 days at my residence in Spain. Sabai........5+ starts for me! Keep on doing the great job you do! 


fantastic piece of kit

Posted By: stewart

This vpn accelerator is fantastic before I had this my vpn speed was 20mbps if that on a 100mbps connection since having this my speeds on von are now constantly at 86mbps and what I payed was the price to the door paid not excess duty tax or anything like that live in UK!

Excellent OS for the RT-N66u

Product: SabaiOS License
Posted By: maestro

Love the OS!!! The gateway feature is not only unique but it makes configuring devices for local internet and VPN a breeze. Definitely better than the stock firmware and in my opinion it has a very simple yet feature packed GUI to make configuring the device easy. The OS favors security from the initial setup, too. Wifi was already protected with a key by default. Highly recommended for a secure installation.

Excellent all round

Product: Ultimate Speed Bundle
Posted By: K2

Setup was a breeze, and even the humps were handled with care by the team @ Sabai Tech! Definitely recommend this package, especially anyone who loves tech.

VPN and Local Internet

Product: SabaiOS License
Posted By: Ivo

This product is doing exactly where I was looking for.
Using a VPN connection for some devices and local internet at the same time.
Setup was very easy and software is running stable.

Great Software

Product: SabaiOS License
Posted By: Richard

I was tired of having two routers, one for local internet and one for my vpn. So purchased the Sabai os license to flash a Asus RT-N66U. All the necessary flash instructions with given and was easy to follow. I had a couple of questions to ask support and the help was fantastic. Very friendly staff and they was able to help me with my problems. Once the router was ready it was easy to choose which devices should connect to my local internet and which devices should connect to the vpn. Has made things much more simple with one router. Has not effected my local internet speed and has improved my vpn speed. Have also noticed my wireless devices connect much faster and are more stable with just one router. So all in all a very happy customer. Thanks.

I'm very impressed

Posted By: Les Sawyer

I recently purchased the SABAI VPN Accelerator, before using the Sabai VPN accelerator I was using IP Vanish through my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000), at the time it was the fastest dual core router out there.

The fastest that I've ever seen it push my VPN was around 22 mb/s down and around 5 mb/s up. After the SABAI VPN Accelerator was installed I am now seeing around 60 mb/s down and 10 mb/s up. All I can say is WOW, I'm very impressed.

I also would like to mention that Ruth & William both did an excellent job helping me with my network, I have quite a few servers, domain, VPN, intelligent HP routers, LACP Link Aggregated connections, Watchdog Timer, NTP connected to GPS clock, VOIP (OOMA) and a lot more all behind my VPN and let me tell you... Ruth & William both were there when I needed them, they both were able to analyze my network and quickly get it up and running.

I highly recommend the Sabai VPN accelerator if you've been getting sub-par performance out of your expensive multi-core/processor router. This is the hardware you need to get you up and running at top speeds.

easy vpn

Product: SabaiOS License
Posted By: N/A

It is now simple to change Vpn locations and reboots are so much faster than tomato firmware .

little piece of magic

Posted By: john budgie

having a vpn installed on my asus ac68u router i found my download load speed had slowed down to 20Mb's from 60Mb's, i did some research on the internet and read about the vpn proxy excellerator sold by sabai technologies and that by having this device set up to my router it would take the workload from my router processor and give me the extra download speed which i needed, all i can say this piece of hardware is excellent and with the technical advise from ruth i am now downloading at 60Mb's regularly and reaching speeds of up to 100Mb's, thank you Sabai

Very Good Router - Excellent Firmware - Even Better Support

Product: Netgear WNR3500L powered by Sabai OS
Posted By: David Becker

This router is perfect for my application. The Sabai firmware made it easy to configure Private Internet Access VPN. I really like the way different clients can be directed to local or VPN service.
The support is quick friendly and professional.

Works wonderfully - hard to setup

Posted By: Andrew Bartelt

I'm cheap and didn't want to replace my perfectly functioning router so I bought just the accelerator. That made setting it up a little tricky. Unfortunately, there was no web-interface provided to set a static ip address. So the first thing I had to do was use my DHCP server to assign a specific ip address based on the MAC address of the accelerator. The trick was configuring the DHCP server to hand out the ip addres of the accelerator as the gateway for all the computers on the network but hand out the ip address of my router as the gateway for the accelerator. And then configuring it to work with was tricky. There was some website that I found that sabai had created that took the ovpn file and the .crt file and combined them into one file. And then I eventually figured out that I had to add a ";" at the beginning of a line in the .ovpn file.

But after all that, it works like a charm. I'm able to detect basically no slow down on my 100 Mb/s down and 10 Mb/s up connection from Comcast. Yeah!

Quality product and support

Product: Asus RT-N66U powered by Sabai OS
Posted By: Andrew

How good to deal with quality people. Thank you for the quality router and the support.