Sabai OS

What is Sabai OS?

Sabai OS is a consumer VPN focused wireless router operating system capable of being used all over the world where there is an internet connection.  Based on the open-source "tomato" router project, Sabai OS makes it simple to connect with your VPN provider's PPTP or OpenVPN setup. The Gateways feature lets you choose which devices in your home will go through the VPN tunnel and which devices will go through the local tunnel, eliminating the need for a dual router setup. Even though setup is a breeze, your router with Sabai OS comes with legendary Sabai Technology customer support if you need any additional help or just want to ask questions before, during, or after the setup of the router. The advanced router features included with all Sabai OS routers are Port Forwarding, Wireless Bridging, QOS, DMZ and many others.