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New Routers & Sabai OS 7

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Finally here and better than ever! We're very excited to introduce 5 new routers powered by Sabai OS! In addition to new hardware, we're releasing Sabai OS 7. If you are a current customer, we'll be sending upgrade instructions and additional information in the next few weeks (so be sure you're signed up for our mailing list.) Please note Sabai OS 7 may not be available for all previously sold models. 

Here are some Sabai OS 7 highlights: 

  • The firmware has been upgraded to the latest available OpenVPN version for the hardware.
  • Drivers have been updated to the current versions available. We are seeing increased WiFi range and speeds in some cases.
  • QOS will function properly.
  • Backup/Restore will function properly.
  • Interface addons such as LAN port status on Status/Overview.
  • New features in some routers are now available such as DNSSEC






VPN Router Comparison Chart

#NewsContent { float: inherit; } VPN ROUTER FEATURE COMPARISON CHART  Features (listed below) Asus RT-N12    Linksys E2500 Netgear WNR3500L Asus RT-N66U Asus RT-AC56U Netgear R6400 Asus RT-AC66U Netgear R7000 Asus RT-AC3200     Netgear R8000 Operating System Sabai OS Sabai OS  Sabai OS  Sabai OS Sabai OS Sabai OS Sabai OS Sabai OS Sabai OS Sabai OS Wireless Type 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4 & 5GHz 2.4 & 5GHz 2.4 & 5GHz 2.4 & 5GHz 2.4 & 5GHz 2.4 & 2 x 5GHz 2.4 & 2 x 5GHz RAM 32 MB 64 MB 128 [...]

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How to choose the right VPN provider

What makes a good VPN provider? In the wake of recent news of at least one free VPN provider selling its users' bandwidth, we've compiled a list of things to consider when selecting a VPN provider to make sure you're keeping yourself safe online.Where is the company and its servers located?What encryption protocols do they use [...]

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Meet the New Routers!

We are so excited to announce the line-up of our newest routers here at Sabai Technology! We've added three new routers to our product line: the Asus RT-AC56U, the Asus RT-AC68U and the Netgear Nighthawk R7000. These additions mark the greatest leap in router technology in our company's history!  ASUS RT-AC56U The Asus RT-AC56U packs a powerful [...]

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For our expat friends: The easiest way to use VPN technology

At Sabai Technology we understand that not everyone knows about VPN. Living as an expat is exciting and fun but we’re all human and we like what is familiar. Everyone gets homesick at times and expats especially miss being able to access the internet content familiar to them from their home country. Sabai Technology has [...]

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Setting up the DAP-1320 Range Extender with your Sabai Technology VPN Router

Just recently we released a new line of accessories, including a few streaming devices, a VOIP phone, some extra security devices, and the DAP-1320 Range Extender. Customers constantly ask how to get more range and we’ve normally just recommended any old extender you can pick up at your local store. Now that we are carrying [...]

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Sabai Technology Compatible VPN Providers

Sabai Technology continues to bring our unique brand of revolutionary VPN Routers to an increasing number of providers and customers. This largely became possible with the release of OSv5, which expanded Open VPN compatibility. Below is a (growing!) list of VPN providers that are either affiliated with or are known to work with Sabai VPN [...]

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Sabai Technology Wins 2013 InnoVision Small Enterprise Award

Sabai Technology is the winner of the prestigious 2013 InnoVision Small Enterprise Award. The only award of its kind, the InnoVision awards distinguish outstanding leadership, innovation, and technological excellence in South Carolina. Presented by McNair Law Firm, the awards were judged by a group of independent panelists from outside the state. Judging is based on [...]

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Connecting Via Wireless on your MacBook Air

More and more, Sabai Technology customers are primarily concerned with connecting their Apple devices to VPN.Cross-platform issues are better now than ever before, but setting up a network of Mac devices can still present unique challenges. Luckily, the Sabai Support Team is well-versed in setting up a wireless VPN network for Macs and can help [...]

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Where are they watching me? How Internet Service Providers track and monitor your activity.

Continuing in our series “Where are they watching me?,” we are going to take a look at Internet Service Providers (ISPs).In order to connect to the the internet you must have an ISP. As inhabitants of the world wide web, we rely on these companies to provide us with the connectivity that we desire. While [...]

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