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  • VPN Router Pre-Configuration


All you'll need to do is plug in and connect.

We are all about making things as easy as possible for our customers! With this in mind, we decided to offer a router pre-configuration service meaning that your VPN provider information is pre-loaded onto the router before it ships! When you receive your router, setup will be even simpler. Just plug in and connect!

  • This service is currently only available for products purchased on

  • You must purchase a VPN subscription prior to purchasing this product. Not sure which VPN Service to use? Check out our VPN Partner Network here

  • In order to provide this service, you must be willing to share your VPN provider login information. A Sabai Technology technician will contact you and request the following information: 

    SSID Name (this is the name of your WiFi Network) 
    Shared Key (or WiFi Password) 
    VPN Configuration Files / VPN Provider Information
    PPPoE credentials - This is only necessary if your ISP requires PPPoE. This is not required for most users. 
    Additional information may be required for DD-WRT Router Pre-Configuration

  • If your VPN provider only allows one connection and you are currently running your VPN service on a device, you may need to stop that service prior to providing your credentials for configuration. Continuing to run this service may void your pre-configuration.


IMPORTANT! This product renders routers ineligible for upgraded shipping like 2-Day and Overnight. Due to the labor intensive nature of this service, please allow up to two additional business days for orders to ship (after we've received your VPN information). This product does require that you share confidential login information with the staff of We will treat your login information with the utmost security and respect. Delays in shipping caused by customer communication issues are not the liability of We promise to work with you to get your plug-and-play VPN router to you as quickly as possible!  If we do not receive the required information within 3 business days, we will ship your order without pre-configuration. This does not cover advanced configurations. If you need advanced or other custom pre-configurations additional fees may apply. 

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