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What is the Sabai Home Server?

The Home Server is a computer that is set up to host an OpenVPN server. OpenVPN clients (almost any device from a computer to a cell phone) may connect to this server and access resources local to it as if they were on the same network.

This is similar to the Sabai VPN Accelerator or Sabai OS for routers, except those devices are generally configured as clients and connect to a VPN Provider's server for the purpose of protecting traffic between the client and server and making the client’s traffic appear, to the outside world, to be originating with the server.

Additionally, the Home Server features an easy to use web interface to allow one to set up and configure a basic OpenVPN server and certificate authority (CA) for authentication, as well as create and distribute client configurations.

Read more on our BLOG.

How would one use the Home Server?

The Home Server provides an encrypted tunnel to your home or business. This can have many advantages, but the most needful of them is securing internet of things (IoT) and other such device traffic when accessing it remotely. Many homes have security cameras and smart thermostats which users access by forwarding traffic from their external IP address to those devices. This presents the device interface to the world, usually only protected by a simple login. These devices also occasionally have security vulnerabilities, are sometimes not kept updated, or in some cases can accidentally provide a means of entering a network due to misconfiguration by the user, OEM, or a service provider.

By contrast, the Home Server’s encrypted tunnel allows a user to access these interfaces remotely as if they are on their home network, without forwarding traffic or opening these devices to the world. Additionally, the certificate-based authentication and encryption the Home Server provides is much stronger than a simple username/password login, and it can be activated when needed, and left off when not, keeping the home network closed to all unsolicited outside traffic.

What’s different about the Home Server?

The Home Server leverages a existing, trusted, Open Source solutions in a simple, direct way. It provides no additional services that could be accidentally misconfigured in a way that opens unexpected vulnerabilities in the network, and it exposes only its OpenVPN endpoint for connection. Additionally, coupled with a SabaiOS VPN Router, traffic to the Home Server can be even more strictly limited through more sophisticated firewall configurations. 

Many solutions address this problem, but many of them are also difficult to set up or require domain specific knowledge to configure or use. The Home Server provides a straightforward interface, and Sabai provides clear instructions for setting up and using it.

What’s Included?

      • Sabai Home Server
      • Power Supply 
      • 3 ft Ethernet Cable 
      • Wall Mount
      • Setup Instructions 
      • 1 Month Sabai Freedom Technical Support
      • 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
      • 1 Year Hardware Warranty 

*This product is dual voltage but comes with a standard American style plug. A simple power plug adapter can be purchased to accommodate other outlet types.

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Additional Information

Intel® Celeron® Processor J3455 (1.5 GHZ with bursts up to 2.3 GHz)
Integrated LAN:
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