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Linksys E2500 powered by Sabai OS

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    Linksys E2500 Router Overview

    The Linksys E2500 is a dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless router that can be simultaneously used on both bands so you can connect more devices without slowing the WiFi network down. It features 4 ethernet ports to connect non-mobile devices for the best speeds possible. This router offers wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps over each band, to create a network that can handle HD video and online gaming at a very reasonable price point.

    The USB port allows you to connect a NAS system for home streaming of media and transferring files, as well as a simple external hard drive.

    At the price, it’s hard to find another router that delivers as much bang-for-your-buck as the Netgear E2500. It will perform well in normal sized homes and apartments

    great low cost entry into the world of VPN routers. The three internal antennas make this the perfect for an apartment or shared house. There are not many routers that compare to this in terms of bang-for-your-buck. There are no external antennas, making this a perfectly discrete router that can be tucked out of the way, without losing signal quality

    The Linksys E2500 from Sabai Technology arrives to you with Sabai OS built in. Our router firmware is optimized for security and ease of use. We designed Sabai OS with regular people in mind, meaning you don’t need a degree in computer science to get the very most out of this router. We lay all the options and features out in our easy to use dashboard so you can quickly make changes to your settings, and stay in total control of your network.

    By using a VPN on your router, you can connect all devices using your network to a VPN, which provides additional security from agencies that might want to snoop on your internet usage, and also allows you to mask your actual location by connecting to a server in another country, which can give you access to massive amounts of extra web content that isn’t available at home. Our exclusive Gateways technology allows you to simultaneously use the connection to your local internet on one device, whilst connecting to the VPN on another.

    The Linksys E2500 is a highly functional router that is given extra power by Sabai OS at a great price.


    What’s in the box?

    • 1x Linksys E2500 router, powered by Sabai OS firmware

    • 1x Ethernet cable

    • 1x Dual voltage American style power adapter

    • Setup instructions

    • One year of Sabai Freedom technical support

    • 90 day satisfaction guarantee

    *This product is dual voltage but comes with a standard American style plug. A simple power plug adapter can be purchased to accommodate other outlet types.


    Linksys E2500 features

    Great Hardware

    Great Operating System

    • 4 10/100M LAN & 10/100M WAN for fast, reliable performance

    • Up to 300 Mbps wireless

    • Additional antenna for extended wireless coverage

    • 64 MB RAM

    • 2.4 GHz Wireless

    • Ideal for lightweight networks with average web usage or areas with slow VPN throughput
    • Modified to run Sabai OS

    • Supports OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols

    • No-Flash, Simple 5-minute setup

    • Connects non-VPN compliant devices to VPN tunnel

    • The GATEWAYS feature allows device by device assignment of local internet and VPN access

    • Supports Mac, Windows, Linux

    • Advanced networking options made easy, such as network accessible storage & network printing

    • Easily connect VPN to Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Tablets, and more

    • Automatically connect your devices to your VPN IP address


    Linksys E2500 VPN Router Setup

    All our routers come set up with Sabai OS and ready to go. The steps to get the E2500 up and running are very simple, and shouldn’t pose any difficulty to anyone with basic computer knowledge. But if you do get stuck on anything or have any questions, feel free to call us at our US office.


    Getting started

    To set up your Sabai OS powered Linksys E2500 router:

    1. Unplug your modem from the power supply

    2. Connect your router to the modem via Ethernet cable

    3. Plug in your Linksys E2500 router and modem to the power socket

    4. Start up the modem and router

    5. Open your web browser and type into the address bar:

    6. Enter the password that came with your router

    Now you’re at the Sabai OS home screen, use the following guides to finish setting up your router:

    Set up PPTP on your Sabai OS router

    Set up OpenVPN on your Sabai OS router

    Port forwarding 


    One of the features that makes a Sabai OS powered VPN router different from DD-WRT, stock, or Tomato set-up, is that we’ve included our unique Gateways technology that allows you to simultaneously connect one device to the VPN and another to your local internet connection. This means you can be watching Netflix HD through your VPN in order to get a different country’s catalogue, whilst playing online games through your local connection to get the best speeds against your friends.

    It’s easy to switch between the networks from your Sabai OS dashboard, and the settings will save for next time you use that device. For full details on how to use Gateways, take a look at our Sabai OS gateway setup guide.


    Linksys E2500 optimized by Sabai OS

    A VPN router gives you the privacy and flexibility of having a VPN directly on your laptop, mobile, etc. but with several additional benefits such as being able to connect all devices, including non-VPN compliant devices, as well as having a single setup for all devices. Also, many VPN companies only allow a limited number of simultaneous connections to their servers (usually one or two devices can connect at a time), but with a VPN router, you’re only connecting to the VPN once, so all the devices connecting to the router are only using a single VPN connection.

    Sabai OS gives the benefit of being really easy to set up, and has many expert options that would be very complicated for a non-expert to set up, but are easy to use through the Sabai OS dashboard.

    The Linksys E2500 powered by Sabai OS is an excellent choice for those who want the power of a VPN router, but don’t need something as large and expensive as some other options.


    Operating System:
    Sabai OS
    Wireless Type:
    64 MB
    USB Ports:
    Flash Storage:
    8 MB
    Wifi Speed:

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    1. Simple, easy to use, works as advertised.  star rating

      Posted by James on Nov 23rd 2015

      Do not order this router if you intend to use OpenVPN. The CPU does not have the performance to handle the encryption overhead and reduces your throughput by 75%.

    2. Super Easy  star rating

      Posted by Barbara on Sep 20th 2015

      My self-flashed router died after almost 3 years. For only a few dollars more than a vanilla router, I was able to purchase this pre-configured replacement. It works so well, right out of the box. I'm happily streaming on my ROKU, while uploading my photos of my latest vacation and writing this review. Sabai has been very helpful and I cannot recommend them enough. When my old router was acting up 9 months ago, the Sabai support team helped me, even though I wasn't even a customer. When it finally died, going with Sabai was a no-brainer!

    3. Easy OpenVPN setup  star rating

      Posted by Martin on Aug 24th 2015

      Setting up OpenVPN is almost to easy. The router's software is slick and quite intuitive. Not oversimplifying a bit but probably simpler than DD-WRT


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